Shoujo Kakumei Utena

... or La fillete révolutionnaire Utena or Revolutionary Girl Utena...

The Artbook

The artbook is a very nice package, the large size book comes in a cardboard box. Each page of the book is one full color illustration on heavy paper, the backsides are all white, so I guess you could take the pages out to make posters (images of a room decorated in Utena pictures come to mind).

There are 35 illustrations in it, all beautifully done by Chiho Saito.

My favorite probably is the cover of the book, for one I was very pleasantly surprised that, when I slipped the book out of the cover, it had a different illustration than the box. But maybe my preference for it also has something to do with the simple beauty of the characters...

So, it is a real treat for the eyes and it makes you want even more !

Box cover y600 Box back y600 Book cover y600
Box cover x800 Box back x800 Book cover x800

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Created Jan 02, 2000
Last updated Jan 02, 2000